Training & Seminars

As a BB&T-Liberty client, your training and educational needs are one of our priorities. Below are the programs available to you in 2017. Additionally, if you have a need in another area, simply give me a call. As long as I have a few months to design it, I will be happy to assist you in developing the training that fits your needs ~ Craig.  




PPACA Health Reform Impacts on Your Business in 2016 and Beyond
2 Hrs. HR

Sexual harassment avoidance in compliance with AB 1825 in California
2 Hrs. Managers (45 min. version available for all EEs)
Stress Management1.5 Hrs. 
Managers (or all EEs)

Manager 101: A refresher course on interviewing, performance evaluations & motivating 
2.25 Hrs. Managers

Managing the Insurance Renewal Process and Broker Relationship ~ understanding carrier motivations, profits and broker performance
2.5 Hrs.HR

Personal Decisions in Wellness ~ a 90 minute jumpstart to losing weight, exercising more learning the impacts if we don’t
1.75 Hrs. All EEs

Financial Wellness for Employees: an overview on investing, saving & budgeting for all employees. 
2 Hrs. All EEs

Your Fiduciary Responsibilities Under ERISA
1.25 Hrs. HR

Is Wellness and Essential Part of Your Benefit Future?  Learn the latest trends, stats, impacts and practices in wellness program management

1.5 Hrs.

FMLA Responsibility for Managers
0.5 Hrs.Managers 
ADA Responsibility for Managers0.5 Hrs. Managers 

HSAs, HRAs, FSAs & Consumer Driven Health Plans coupled with High Deductible Plans ~ who is using them, how and what might their impact be to a company?
1.5 Hrs. HR

Insurance Contract Basics all HR Directors Must Know ~ How does UCR Work? What is a 3:12 Pre-X in an LTD Contract?  How are Docs Paid in an HMO vs. PPO?
2 Hrs. HR

An Introduction to Self-Funded or Partially Self-Funded Medical and Dental Plans
1.5 Hrs.HR

Effective Meetings ~ Why have them and how to run and participate in them
0.5 - 0.75 Hrs.Managers 

Business Ethics: What Employees Need to Know
0.75 - 1 Hrs. All EEs.

Motivating Employees: Tips and Tactics for Managers & Supervisors (this is different that Manager 101 Course Above)
1 HRManagers
Teambuilding for Supervisors 0.75 - 1 HRManagers
Problem Solving for Supervisors 0.75 - 1 HRManagers 
Dealing with Challenging Employees 
.75 Hrs. 
Coaching Techniques for Managers 
.75 Hrs. 
Attendance Management 
.75 Hrs. 

HIPAA Training for Medical Professionals & Staff (or HR)
.5 to .75 Hrs.
Medical Staff or HR Staff dealing with medical matters

Cost: One training session per quarter is complimentary for BB&T-Liberty's clients with 100 or more employees on benefits. All other training is $1,000 per hour with travel time waived within 60 miles of Sacramento, California.