Definition of a Common Control Group, US Code Section (for determining the propriety of grouping multiple companies under one ERISA Plan) 

Consumer-Driven Health Care



Internal Revenue Code Section 105(h) - Amount paid to highly compensated individuals under a discriminatory self-insured medical expense reimbursement plan.  To be used for testing whether or not a plan "discriminates" in favor of highly compensated employees. This test is newly applicable to fully-insured plans under Health Reform but has been temporarily suspended until a likely date of 2013 or 2014.  

Patient Advocacy Help

Goodbill negotiates hospital bills for patients — whether you’re insured or uninsured.

Healthcare BlueBook (to find fair prices in your zip code)

Fair Health Consumer (to find fair prices in your zip code)


Disability Statistics from the Council for Disability Awareness 

Why We Get Fat - a deep analysis of the myriad of inadequate studies on the topic. 

Are Vegetable Oils the driving cause behind chronic disease?