Friday, November 1, 2013

Less Than 1% of Applicants Contain Sufficient Information

From Avik Roy at Forbes:
It gets worse. Even if you managed to create an account on—a painstaking and time-consuming task to say the least—you’re not assured of actually being able to buy the plan you like. One insurer told Dan Mangan of CNBC that “about half” of the applications they’ve received are “corrupted” due to “incomplete data.” 
According to Sumit Nijhawan, CEO of health IT company Infogix, “‘1 in 100’ enrollment applicants being sent from the federal marketplace have provided sufficient, verified, information.” Continued Nijhawan, “It is extraordinary that these systems weren’t ready…it could be a public relations nightmare.” Added Dan Mendelson of Avalere Health, “This is not a traffic issue. Right now, the systems aren’t working.”