Thursday, October 23, 2014

Tim the Lawyer and Joe Discuss the Absurdity of PPACA's Individual Mandate Exempt-A-Palooza on the Armstrong & Getty Show

Tim "The Lawyer" Sandefur visited the bowels deep within Armstrong and Getty's radio compound for a fantastic discussion of victory for freedom and property rights in Levin v. San Francisco.  In that case, the Pacific Legal Foundation challenged and overturned San Francisco’s “Relocation Assistance Payment Ordinance."  That oppressive and unconstitutional taking required rental property owners to pay their tenants oppressive sums of money before the owners could regain personal use of their property — money the tenants could have used for any private purpose they wish.

Joe and Tim also touched upon a recurring theme on this blog and Armstrong and Getty (most recently covered here) about the total evisceration of Obamacare's Individual Mandate via 22 exemptions.  Which, as Joe puts it, enables a "half bright chimp" to remove himself from the clutches of Obamacare.  Provided, as Tim illuminations from another of his recent cases, that chimp can sort out the byzantine, bureaucratic mess of paperwork required to receive a governmental blessing of Obamacare exculpation.

Here is a segment of their time together.

You can hear all three hours of Tim on the Armstrong & Getty Show here: