Monday, November 17, 2014

POLL: Obamacare Approval Sinks to an All Time Low with Audio from Armstrong and Getty

Today on the Armstrong and Getty Radio Program, Jack and Joe discussed a poll in which approximately three-fourths of Obamacare enrollees are satisfied with their plans.  During the segment Joe and I swapped texts and I pointed out that as many as three-fourth's of Exchange enrollees have yet to even show up at the doctor's office to use their plans. Hence, most folks on Obamacare have not yet felt the impact of high deductibles, high co-pays and small doctor networks.  Nevertheless, most enrollees' premiums are heavily subsidized by the taxpayer. Thus, from an enrollee's standpoint there is nothing to complain about - yet.

Here is a portion of their audio from today in the 9 AM hour:

Perhaps a better indicator of the success of PPACA is that, according to a Gallup poll released today, only 37% of Americans approve of it.  This is from Alison Elkin at BenefitsPro:
... Americans have lost whatever loving feeling they once had for [Obamacare], according to a new Gallup poll out Monday. 
According to the poll, 37 percent of Americans approve of the Pateint Protection and Affordable Care Act, which is one percentage point less than the previous low. That was in January of 2014, following a rollout plagued with issues. Fifty-five percent of Americans now say they disapprove of the law. 
The poll also found a dip in approval among non-whites, who are still the law's strongest supporters. At 56 percent, the non-white approval rate is below 60 percent for the first time. 
The poll comes just in time for the new enrollment period, which began on Saturday and goes through February. It reached 828 people by phone and had a margin of error of four points.