Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Stories Causing Atlas to Shrug, Dec. 2nd Edition | PPACA's Low Premium - High Deductible Ruse; Gov. Working Hard to Break Down Pride; Econ 101; & Federal Acts on Sunscreen

Obamacare plans Gruber you in with low premiums and monster deductibles that make the plans virtually "worthless" to most people.  Then they call it "affordable."

Big Government and insurers are working together to break down the inherent, self-reliant nature of Hispanic culture "between the avocado and grapefruit displays" (as Yahoo Finance puts it.)  I bet you are pretty happy your tax dollars are going toward that effort.

There are 317 million Americans.  Only 4 million will pay Obamacare's individual mandate. That's a whopping 1.26%.  There are now more than 25 exemptions to it; some of which rely on the honor system. Kill it, already. (Here and here for all of exemptions.)

HEADLINE: Government mandated corporate welfare makes corporations bigger. The Hill tosses out an Onion-esque story.

Lower income and part-time workers will churn between Medicaid and Obamacare Exchanges, two times a year or more, depending on changes in income.  That's not going to help health reform approval numbers.

Because the Federal Government is not big enough, the DNC and GOP got together to pass the Sunscreen Innovation Act to "help ensure Americans have access to the best quality sunscreen." Outstanding: I'm going to add that to my thankful list at the dinner table for 2015's Turkey Day.

The two largest carriers in California's Obamacare Exchange only have about 50% of their normal doctor list available for new patients.

Yet another Obamacare change to avoid having to tell the public the PPACA savings just are not happening: "According to CMS, just 25% of MSSP ACOs launched in 2012 and 2013 have generated sufficient savings to earn bonuses." (Hat tip: Dr. Ryan Kennedy.)

Armstrong and Getty covered couple of these stories and more on December 3rd: