Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Will Obamacare Be Repealed with 51 Votes in the Senate in 2017?

Senator Ted Cruz believes so.  This is from Ali Meyer at CNS News:
... CNSNews.com asked Cruz, “Given that the Senate enacted Obamacare in a reconciliation measure that required only 51 votes, would you support repealing Obamacare with only 51 votes?” 
“Absolutely,” Cruz responded. “If it can be passed with reconciliation, it can be repealed with reconciliation. And we need to use every procedural means possible to fight to stop the train wreck that is Obamacare.” 
“I believe in 2017 a Republican president will sign legislation repealing every word of Obamacare,” Cruz said. “Obamacare has caused millions of Americans to lose their jobs to be forced into part time work, to lose their health care, to lose their doctors, to see their health insurance premiums skyrocket. This last election was a referendum on Obamacare and the American people overwhelmingly said this isn’t working, let’s start over. That’s what Congress needs to do.” ...