Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Another Day Brings Another Couple Probable PPACA Changes: Cadillac Tax & Auto-Enrollment

These are both changes for the better.  Auto enrollment into a medical plan has caused significant consternation for many employers since it was first slated to begin, three years ago.  But like so much in Reform, regulators have looked the other way as enforcing this law, as written, would do more harm than good.  Hence, it appears a formal repeal is afoot. Lawmakers vote to repeal health plan auto-enrollment requirement.

And, amidst Trump mania and her never-ending email debacle, Hillary Clinton has joined Bernie Sanders (and every Tea Party member and Libertarian) in officially calling for 2018's Cadillac Tax to be repealed.  As I've reiterated, this tax is doomed.  The political opposition to it is reaching critical mass.  At a bare minimum, it will be altered significantly before implemented.  Read more on that here: Clinton calls for repeal of 'Cadillac tax' on healthcare plans.
For a nice list of all of the changes, so far, check out Grace-Marie Turner's catalog of them over at the Galen Institute.