Monday, November 9, 2015

Cadillac Tax, Fake Enrollees and Medical Device Tax on the Michael Berry Show Today

I spent a little time on the air with Michael Berry today for an Obamacare update.  Our discussion begins at the 19 minute mark.  You can drag the player over to that timestamp:

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Cadillac Tax Set to Hit As Many As 77% of Health Plans in 2018, CFOs and Unions Fret

Cadillac Tax Confuses and Frustrates Employers and Union Groups

Catch 22: To Make PPACA Fiscally Sustainable, the Cadillac Tax Must Become Politically Unsustainable

But At Least They are Watching Our Dollars: Obamacare Exchanges Fail to Catch 17 of 18 Fake Enrollees, GAO Audit
  • Gov. auditors signed up 17 out of 18 fake ObamaCare enrollees for coverage through federal and state exchanges, a report released in October. 
  • The GAO sent 10 auditors with fictitious enrollment information to the federal site as well as two state-run ObamaCare exchanges, to sign up. 
  • While eight didn't make it through the initial identity-checking process, all 10 eventually obtained coverage, even though four obviously had made up Social Security numbers that started with "000." 
  • They all were able to keep their coverage despite filing fake follow-up documentation.
  • In addition, the GAO tried to sign up 8 more up for Medicaid coverage. 3 made it through the process, and 4 ended up getting taxpayer subsidized private coverage instead.