Tuesday, March 29, 2016

70% of Americans Who Don't Buy Insurance Exempted from ObamaCare Individual Mandate

Well, knock me over with a feather.  As predicted on the Armstrong and Getty show two years ago (On Armstrong & Getty on 3/13/14 Regarding The Latest Regulatory Pronouncements Completely Eviscerating the Individual Mandate), ObamaCare's Individual Mandate is useless.  What did the bureaucrats think would happen after making up over 30 exemptions?  See Individual Mandate Exempt-A-Palooza Reaches 32 Ways You can Opt Out of Obamacare - 32 Flavors of Obamacare Exemption

This is from Sarah Ferris writing at The Hill last week:
Nearly three in four people who lacked health insurance last year were exempt from the penalty under ObamaCare, according to data from the tax-filing software TurboTax. 
A total of 70 percent of people filed an exemption to ObamaCare’s individual mandate, about the same figure as last year, according to TurboTax. 
The two most common exemptions were related to the cost of coverage. Many people without coverage said they couldn’t afford healthcare plans in their area or couldn’t afford plans through their workplace. 
The other common exemptions were related to a recent eviction or the death of a family member. 
The number of people seeking cost-related exemptions poses a challenge to the Obama administration, which has made affordability a central part of its strategy to reduce the uninsured. 
But it also signals that more uninsured people may be learning about exemptions from the hefty penalty. 
“The IRS reported that about 300,000 people who paid the penalty likely qualified for an exemption last year,” said Debra Hammer, TurboTax ACA spokeswoman. ...