Saturday, July 23, 2016

What to do about Incorrect Taxpayer Identification Numbers and Error Messages from the IRS When Filing Your PPACA Reporting

A workable solution from Health Care Attorneys PC
One common error an employer received from the Affordable Care Act Information Return system (AIR system) when submitting a packet of Form 1095-Cs was an error reporting that a Form 1095-C was submitted with an incorrect taxpayer identification number (TIN). The error code displayed when this occurs is AIRTN500 which signifies an individual name and TIN does not match the IRS database. Unfortunately, the IRS software does not currently tell the employer which TIN (or TINs) is causing the error message rather the AIR system only tells the employer the UniqueRecordId that is causing the TIN error (each Form 1095-C has its own UniqueRecordId). Consequently, an employer will need to at a minimum verify and correct, if necessary, the name and TIN for each individual included on the Form 1095-C. The purpose of this article is to provide some background on the verification process and to offer a solution which should reduce an employer’s solicitation obligations.
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