Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Under PPACA, Insurance Premiums Have Doubled Since 2013

So, are you getting twice as much value for your money?

From Modern Healthcare:
An HHS report released late Tuesday paints a grim picture of the rising health insurance premiums under the Affordable Care Act. But health policy experts explained that while premiums may have gone up since the ACA was implemented, consumers are also getting more bang for their buck. 
The report, which is the first ACA report out of HHS' Office of the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation published under the direction of the Trump administration, concluded that individual health insurance premiums grew 105% on average between 2013—before the ACA exchange went into effect—and 2017. 
For the 39 states that use, average monthly premiums rose from an average of $232 in 2013 to $476 in 2017, the report said. ...