Friday, May 1, 2020

COVID-19 Repeat Infections Look to Be False Positives; Seasonal Flu Death Counts Dubious at Best; Is COVID a Blood Clotting Disease?

Dr. Chris Martenson at Peak Prosperity has been posting videos on COVID-19 just about every day for 98 days now.  Dr. Martenson's PhD is in Pathology from Duke University.  He has consistently been weeks ahead of the vast majority of the media on the Coronavirus. More importantly, he's been far more accurate.  

Family, friends and I are all really starting to hit the COVID wall.  The burnout is real.  So, I've started trying to boil the info in his videos down to what I think are the few most interesting parts and sending out timestamps for those who are just not going to consume 45 minutes but still want the data.  Here is the best of yesterday:     

1) Repeat infections now appear to be false positives starts here at 2:45;

2) Comparing COVID-19 deaths to the flu is like comparing apples to fishing rods. Those flu numbers we have seen over the years aren't even close to real numbers. They are all projections based on modeling whereas we are trying to use actual counts on COVID-19. Watch this here at 17:30;

3) It's starting to look more like COVID-19 is not necessarily a respiratory disease but a blood clotting disease that happens to attack the lungs most noticeably and first. This would help to explain why we're all hearing stories as to how it is also severely impacting kidneys, hearts, arteries, and brains in some patients.  That is here at 22:06