Craig Gottwals, Esq. - Professional Biography
Attorney at Law, CA State Bar #210114
Benefits Consultant, CA State Lic. #0E00936
(925) 508-0113 |

In my two decades as a healthcare policy attorney and benefits consultant, I've dedicated myself to navigating and rectifying the complexities of our challenging healthcare system, focusing particularly on reducing employer costs. My career has been grounded in a commitment to bring together legal knowledge and benefits expertise, emphasizing employment law, meticulous cost containment, and steadfast compliance. My efforts are aimed at meticulously auditing and optimizing health and benefit plan expenditures for our clients through HRAs, HSAs, self-funded arrangements, plan carve-outs, direct-primary care, direct contracting, cash payment alternatives, transparent PBMs, and reference-based pricing. 

I pride myself on devising and implementing cost-effective benefits strategies, guiding clients through legislative frameworks such as the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), and promoting ethical workplace practices. My approach is always to ensure that the benefits packages I develop not only meet legal standards but also support the well-being and rights of employees, thus fostering more engaged and compelling work environments.

Throughout my career, I've had the privilege of advising countless businesses, addressing their needs related to COBRA, HIPAA, and various other employment law challenges, always with an eye toward cost reduction and operational efficiency. My negotiations have consistently led to substantial cost savings, reflecting my commitment to financial stewardship for my clients.

My insights into benefits, compliance, and health policy have been shared through multiple esteemed platforms, contributing to a broader understanding and improvement of our healthcare landscape. As an author and expert source, I’ve contributed to publications such as Employee Benefit Advisor, Employee Benefit News, BenefitsPro, the Sacramento Business Journal, the Auburn Journal, California Watchdog, Workspan Magazine, and the Armstrong & Getty Radio Show.

In addition to my professional practice, I am passionate about education, regularly lecturing at respected institutions such as UC Davis and the McGeorge School of Law. My academic background includes a Bachelor's degree in Managerial Economics and a Juris Doctorate, both of which have laid the groundwork for my commitment to service, understanding, and advocacy in the complex world of healthcare law and benefits.

Mission & Purpose To provide Mahoney Group clients with the very best and most appropriately tailored benefit packages their budgets will permit by treating every single dollar as though it is the final dollar an employee can afford to pay for needed medical coverage. In providing this service, I will fully dedicate myself to supporting my contacts within the organization with the human resource consultation, compliance expertise, and corporate training that allows them to further their career and better their professional lives.