Monday, August 10, 2015

Government Healthcare in the United States. We're Already There - And Here is What It Looks Like

Government-Sponsored Programs Make Up 52% Of What We Spend On Healthcare - Government-sponsored programs provide either health care or health insurance to the elderly, poor, veterans, military families, federal employees, uninsured children, American Indians and Alaskan Natives, refugees who resettle in the U.S., individuals with substance abuse and mental health issues and inmates in federal and state prisons.

Today’s typical Medicare beneficiary will have paid into the system just 13% to 41% of his or her expected Medicare consumption.  The rest is funded by payroll taxes paid by today’s working Americans.

Of the 17 Obamacare Medicaid expansion states releasing public data, every single one far surpassed projected enrollment in 2014.  In fact, that expansion surpassed projections by an average of 91% in all 17 states.