Sunday, August 23, 2015

SHOCK POLL: 57% of Obamacare's "Newly Covered" Individuals Are on Traditional Employer Sponsored Plans

RAND agrees with the federal government's claim that just under 17 million more Americans now have coverage, however, what the government doesn't point out is that 57% of those are folks who are on an employer plan.  That increase certainly could have something to do with PPACA's employer mandate.  But it is more likely a result of a modestly improving economy.  Perhaps even more shocking is the fact that less than 25% of that 16.9 million are getting insurance through an Obamacare Exchange.  

Insurance coverage has increased across all types of insurance since the major provisions of the federal Affordable Care Act took effect, with a net total of 16.9 million people becoming newly enrolled through February 2015, according to a new RAND Corporation study
Researchers estimate that from September 2013 to February 2015, 22.8 million Americans became newly insured and 5.9 million lost coverage, for a net of 16.9 million newly insured Americans. 
Among those newly gaining coverage, 9.6 million people enrolled in employer-sponsored health plans, followed by Medicaid (6.5 million), the individual marketplaces (4.1 million), nonmarketplace individual plans (1.2 million) and other insurance sources (1.5 million).