Thursday, July 25, 2013

Craig's Visit with Armstrong & Getty on 7/25/13: Prediction that the Individual & Employer Mandates are Gone and Not Coming Back

Is that what health reform what supposed to be?

Maybe it is. At least it is certainly starting to look more like that, isn't it?

It is worth remembering that in 2003 Barak Obama clearly articulated his vision for healthcare when he said:
"I happen to be a proponent of a single-payer universal health care program. I see no reason why the United States of America, the wealthiest country in the history of the world, spending 14 percent of its gross national product on health care, cannot provide basic health insurance to everybody. And that's what Jim is talking about when he says everybody in, nobody out. A single-payer health care plan, a universal health care plan. That's what I’d like to see. But as all of you know, we may not get there immediately. Because first we've got to take back the White House, we've got to take back the Senate, and we've got to take back the House."
For more on this theory and to see a video of Senator Obama's comments see what I wrote here.