Sunday, July 7, 2013

Stories Causing Atlas to Shrug

Persons living in states that have not expanded Medicaid will be better off lying to EXPAND income to over 100% of federal poverty level to get subsidized Obamacare.

And on the flip side, if income is too high... 

Meanwhile, in Utopia...  

  • Bill was 475 pages. 
  • Manhole, seaman, airman and airlock survived.   
  • 40,000 statutes had to be scrubbed of words like man, him or he.  
  • 40 man, er, I mean person staff undertook the effort.  
  • Question: shouldn't bachelor’s degree” now become a “single-person’s” degree?  

  • More than a dozen states are considering charging all drivers by their mileage to take more of your money. 
  • Question: should we also start taxing non-smokers for the loss of tobacco tax revenue?