Friday, September 6, 2013

Only 63.2% of U.S. Adults Hold a Job. Worst Since 1978

From Bloomberg:

The participation rate, which indicates the share of working-age people in the labor force, declined to 63.2 percent, the lowest since August 1978, from 63.4 percent.

Bloomberg survey estimates for payrolls ranged from increases of 79,000 to 220,000 after a previously reported 162,000 gain in July. Revisions to prior reports subtracted a total of 74,000 jobs to overall payrolls in the previous two months.

Private employment, which exclude government agencies, rose 152,000 after a revised gain of 127,000 in July that was weaker than first reported. Private payrolls were projected to rise by 180,000, the survey showed.

And from Business Insider

There were just 169K new jobs created in August.

Private payrolls came in at 152,000 new job, vs. expectations of 180,000.

What's worse. Last month was revised SHARPLY down from 162 to 104K. That is quite ominous.

June was also revised down, from 172K to 188.