Thursday, October 31, 2013

According to Sec. Sebelius Those with Affordable Care at Work are Barred from Obamacare Exchanges - A Halloween Visit with Armstrong & Getty

A brief visit with Jack and Joe to comment on Secretary Sebelius' testimony in front of the House yesterday. She does not understand PPACA - she commented repeatedly that it would be illegal for an employee with "affordable" care at work to go into the health exchanges/marketplace. Oh boy, this is sad and scary. Not qualifying for subsidies does not make it illegal to buy in the exchange.

Here is a media account of her words:   

This is from CBS in Washington D.C.: (emphasis added)
... Rep. Cory Gardner, R-Colo., questioned Sebelius why she won’t drop her coverage for Obamacare. 
“I am not eligible for the exchange,” Sebelius replied
Rep. Billy Long, R-Mo., asked Sebelius if she would “commit to forego your government program to go into the exchanges like everybody else?” Asking again, “If you can, will you?’ 
Sebelius replied that she “will take a look at it,” and then added to Waxman, “I would gladly join the exchange if I didn’t have affordable care in my workplace.” 
Before addressing Waxman’s statement, Sebelius could be heard saying, “Don’t do this to me,” to an aide next to her. ...

And from the Washington Times:  
... Rep. Cory Gardner, Colorado Republican, wanted to know if Mrs. Sebelius would enroll herself in a health care plan on one of the Obamacare exchanges. 
She refused because she has employer-based coverage from the federal government.
“I would gladly join the exchange if I didn’t have affordable coverage in my workplace,” she testified. 
But Mrs. Sebelius appeared to confuse the law when she told lawmakers, “If I have available employer-based coverage, I am not eligible for the market.” tells users that if they are eligible for job-based insurance, they “can consider switching to a marketplace plan” but may put their subsidies at risk. ...
Finally, Buzzfeed put together a wonderful montage of her testimony in 15 seconds.  She clearly did not have a great day. (Hat tip: Jennifer Moore):