Tuesday, May 27, 2014

On Armstrong & Getty 5/27/14 Re: The VA, Employers Shifting Employees to Exchanges, Stats on Bailouts and Employer Mandate's Demise

In this morning's visit:

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Congresswoman Pelosi Implies We Should Reduce Number of Veterans as a Solution to V.A. Rationing Deaths

This was on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace on Sunday morning.

Focus on the point she makes in the below video clip from 20 seconds in to 44 seconds.

As our veterans die waiting for care in the United States' version of "single payer healthcare," Pelosi's solution is to avoid creating so many Veterans.  To wit, single payer healthcare (the V.A.) would work just fine as long as no patients needed it.  Similarly the government could feed the entire world with a sandwich provided only one man needed to eat.

Mrs. Pelosi has already concluded, as a given in her argument, that government healthcare cannot work with any appreciable level of demand.  Her solution?  Reduce demand.