Monday, August 18, 2014

Negotiating Your Medical Bill? Heartland Corrections Offered in Response to Manhattanite's Platitudes

This is from Kelley Beloff, writing at InsureBlog:
Recently, longtime foil Sarah Kliff (she who couldn't understand her own Explanation of Benefits) set out to enlighten folks in flyover country on how to negotiate better prices for their health care:
"Earlier this year, I got an unpleasant surprise in my mailbox. A $820.19 surprise, to be exact ... Even as someone who writes extensively about America's health care system — who had, coincidentally, recently attended a three-day seminar for a story on the subject — I was stuck."
She then goes on to offer five steps one might take to entice the provider to offer a price break.

As someone with many years of first-hand experience actually running medical practices, here's my take on her efforts. ...
Read all of Kelley's article, "Kliff Diving with Sarah" here.  It is a wry, direct, correction to Ms. Kliff's misinformed counsel.