Wednesday, January 27, 2016

On Armstrong and Getty Show for Obamacare Update, Discussion of Latest CBO Report Covering Enrollment & Unaffordable Deductibles

I was on the air with Jack Armstrong and Joe Getty this morning to discuss the CBO's latest Obamacare numbers and its enrollment prognostication.

You can also hear this audio on one of Armstrong and Getty's podcast pages, here.

CBO Report: Obamacare Will Enroll 40% Fewer Than It Predicted Last Year - Audio from my visit on the Armstrong and Getty Radio Program.
  • PPACA to cover 40% fewer than CBO projected 10 months ago
  • More employees pushed into Medicaid where health outcomes don't improve; not PPACA Exchanges
  • CBO: The ACA reduces people's incentive to work, thereby further diminishing the U.S. labor participation rate
  • Deductibles so high for many on PPACA Exchange plans, they cannot afford care