Monday, June 12, 2017

Who Gets the Blame When Obamacare Fails?

I agree with part of Mr. Laszewski's opinion. Where I think he is off is in assuming that the below offer would be enough. If the Trump Administration didn't also commit to pass new legislation with Democrats to bolster elements of PPACA, Republicans would still take the blame from NBC, CBS, ABC, NYT, Wa Po, Huff Po, Politico, etc. The GOP will never win the public relations battle with respect to healthcare in an industry dominated by personnel who only identify with their side at a 7% rate.

This is from Bob Laszewski writing at CNBC:
All Trump and his administration are doing is giving their political opponents ammunition to argue that Obamacare was just fine before Trump showed up and wrecked it.

I offered the president some unsolicited advice in a recent column: "I would do everything from a regulatory perspective Nancy Pelosi is telling you to do to support the exchange markets. In fact, invite her in to give you the list. There aren't enough regulatory opportunities to fix this anyway. Having done that, how could the Democrats then argue a blowup was your fault?"