Sunday, March 5, 2023

How Weaponized Corn Syrup and Diabetes Water Permeate Taxpayer-Funded "Nutrition"

Healthcare and processed food are the two largest industries/employers and lobbyists in the United States. Pharma alone spends five times what the oil industry spends on lobbying and three times more than any other industry. Congress, the FDA, USDA, CDC, HHS & CMS will not bite the hand that funds them. To be sure, from time to time, well-meaning government classers do question the status quo and make noises indicating that they might do the right thing. They are swiftly crushed.

In 2010-11, members of Congress questioned whether U.S. taxpayers should be paying for Diabetes Water (soda) for Americans on food stamps (officially now called SNAP, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program). Note the word NUTRITION.

The Ten Companies Controlling Nearly All We Buy in a Grocery Store

Fifteen percent of Americans rely on SNAP for their “food.” Seventy percent of SNAP dollars are spent on highly processed garbage (essentially, what you find in the middle aisles of your grocery store – stuff that didn’t exist pre-1900). The number one SNAP expenditure? You guessed it – Diabetes Water! How did the company whose product was formerly spiked with cocaine decide to handle the matter? Why with more lobbying, of course!

They deployed their billions to call African American and Hispanic interest groups. They noted that the Diabetes Water Industry would like to share some of its resources with those interest groups, assuming said interest group wanted to support “low-cost calories and choice for its members.” The other implication floated was that Congress’ contemplation of eliminating soda from SNAP smacked of racism. Of course it did.

But they weren’t done there. Big Diabetes lobbyists then reach out to right-leaning legislators and interest groups to point out that the Big Government Nannyists were at it again, wanting now to micromanage what people could drink right here in the formerly free, good-ole, U. S. of A!

The result? Yeah, you know. Soda (or do you say pop, ya heartlander) remains the top food product purchased with taxpayer-funded nutritional subsidies.

And this is just about food stamps. Meanwhile, school lunches have regulatory controls that limit the amount of saturated fat those meals can contain. Cattle ranchers and pig farmers clearly aren’t doing their fair share to buy a legislator. Sugar’s upper meal limit? Infinity.

Need more evidence? This is the latest taxpayer-funded food pyramid advice, indoctrinating that Frosted Mini-Wheats and Lucky Charms are healthier than beef or eggs. 

This is a crime against humanity. Do I care if people want to guzzle Diabetes Water or gobble Diabetes Kibble? No! The state should not be involved in any of this. But to the extent that it is and to the extent that I’m forced to pay for others’ “nutrition,” that advice and food should not poison them.

For more on this story, check out this interview with insider-turned-whistleblower @calleymeans and @KenDBerryMD. He gets right to the juiciest nuggets toward the very beginning of the video. Diabetes Water hired Calley to cultivate a list of civil rights organizations and African American pastors to fan the flames of racism whenever Congress stepped out of lined and threatened to curtail taxpayer funding of weaponized corn syrup.

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