Monday, June 3, 2013

Applying for ObamaCare: It's still REALLY 61 pages

Turns out that new "shorter" form is fools gold: 
One big reason the new form is shorter: the type is smaller, with less space for answers.
The much-derided 21-page application was for families. It is now down to 11 pages, thanks to a trick. Eight pages in the longer application called for filling in information for four additional family members. The new form cuts these pages but says that if you have children, "make a copy of Step 2: Person 2 (pages 4 and 5) and complete." The work required of the applicant remains the same.
Then there's a 61-page online application form that is in the draft stage but hasn't been officially released. This is the drill-down version of the three-page and 11-page printed documents. It has all of the if-then questions the government may need to have answered before it can determine if an applicant is eligible for subsidies.
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