Thursday, June 20, 2013

Oakland, CA Clinic Tries to Explain Health Reform in 22 Different Languages

The below is a portion of a story from LifeHealthPro on March 4, 2013.  And you were worried that government regulators would not use your tax dollars to conduct focus group testing on various different names they use forObamaCare

"With such diversity in cultures and language, the authors said the success of health care reform “hinges in large part on how well the state conducts culturally and linguistically competent outreach and enrollment efforts.”

“If the exchange did no targeted outreach, there could be 110,000 fewer limited-English proficient individuals enrolled,” said Cary Sanders, director of policy analysis for CPEHN, an Oakland-based multicultural health advocacy group.

Even the relatively mundane task of developing a brand for California’s new health care exchange has prompted some angst.

The exchange’s staff tried to come up with a name that signified health insurance and would translate well into Spanish, Chinese, Tagalog, Vietnamese and other languages commonly used in California.