Sunday, June 23, 2013

Craig on the Armstrong & Getty Show in May and June 2013

Three quick appearances on the best radio show in California covering:
  • Difficulties in buying Obamacare for the 'unbanked' 
  • Dodd-Frank limiting Obamacare access 
  • Rate-shock for individuals in the California Exchange
  • Doctor networks in CA Exchange are one-third of normal size 
  • California is mandating a 60-day waiting period limit (as opposed to 90 under PPACA) 
  • Doctors picking up the tab for two months of claims  
  • Charity care hospitals must wait 240 days before sending non-payer to collections.  
You can hear all Armstrong and Getty Show podcasts here.

That reference to "health happening when we dream together" comes from this commercial promoting the growth of Obamacare to illegal aliens:

And the "warrior" reference: