Friday, August 23, 2013

Craig Guest Hosted Phil Cowan Radio Show 8/22/13 with Katy Grimes

Phil Cowan Show Yesterday: You can download at this link. You may also be able to stream from some browsers.

6AM to 7 AM:
  • ObamaCare
    • Why UPS is dropping spouses from healthcare
    • Inherent flaws in Medicaid and Medicare
    • Doctors retiring early and non-doctors being pushed to provide more care 
  • California's new law allowing boys who feel like girls to use the women's locker room, bathroom, and sports teams. 
    • I really wish I had this in school. I'd have been in the girls locker room and been a STAR on my girls hoops team.  
    • CA Assemblyman Tim Donnelly is pulling his kids out of public schools due to the new gender bending law. He calls in and joins us. 

7AM to 8 AM:
  • Finished the transgender bathroom talk with Assemblyman Donnelly
  • More ObamaCare
    • A long segment on the TWENTY categories of exemptions from ObamaCare for likely Obama voters
    • Obama Administration has missed FIFTY PERCENT of the ObamaCare deadlines so far
  • Discussion of the use of public dollars to fund the new Sacramento Kings Arena

8AM to 9AM:
  • We spent the whole hour with Sam Paredes, Exec. Dir., Gun Owners of California and discussed all of the present bullet and gun restrictions in CA and at the federal level
    • California's push to ban all lead bullets will effectively end hunting in the state as ATF Regulations have already banned the popular alternatives to lead  
  • We also talked about the CATO welfare study in America.  
  • Current real unemployment rate is 23.3%, not 8%.