Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Weight Gain: From Lips to Hips. Fatty Foods End Up on Your Waist Within 3 Hours of Eating

WEIGHT GAIN: Three hours

This is the time it takes fat to reach the waistline after a big meal — dietary fat enters the blood around an hour after a meal, and after three hours, much of it is found in adipose tissue, the fatty tissue found mostly around the waist, according to research from Oxford University. ... 

In a meal containing 30g of total fat (such as a chicken tikka masala or beef lasagne) there will be two to three teaspoons of fat in tissue around the waist after about three hours. 

That is temporary storage and will be used as an energy source — unless we eat too much, when it will remain, and accumulate, so we put on weight. ...

Full text from From digesting to healing or even having an orgasm: how long does it takes your body to work? | Mail Online