Monday, August 26, 2013

Michael Berry Show: Discussion of Employers Dropping Employees Below 30 Hours, Unions' Responses and Free Market Realities

Michael Berry discusses the businesses making the rational economic response to ObamaCare’s Employer Mandate and cutting employee hours down below 30 per week. Finally, unions have begun to realize that PPACA is horrible for their members. When Statists try to control markets the workers are always the ones to pay.

Michael expounds on this as well as the subsequent Obama supporters whining as only he can in the 8/14/13 show in the 9AM hour.

Part 1:

Part 2:  

In the second part of this segment, Michael compiles a string of audio clips from Statist bureaucrats about ObamaCare, Nancy Pelosi, Howard Dean (this is a form of redistribution) , John Dingell (this is what we need to do to 'control' the people), Tom Harkin (some folks not having healthcare is 'segregation'), Dick Durbin, and Harry Reid (eventually we'll have single payor).