Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Obama Admin Unilaterally Repeals Another Part Of ObamaCare Creating New Illegal Subsidy

...Since ObamaCare offers private health-insurance subsidies only to those who enroll in qualified health plans “through an Exchange established by the State under section 1311,” that means that people who purchase coverage outside their state-established Exchange are likewise ineligible for subsidies. 
Don’t bother Barack Obama with such democratic technicalities, however. The president has once again created a new entitlement program and started handing out subsidies (euphemistically, “tax credits”) he has no authority to issue. The Associated Press reports: 
  "HHS said state residents who were unable to sign up because of technical problems may still get federal tax credits if they bought private insurance outside of the new online insurance exchanges." 
Unfortunately, the AP makes it sound like the administration is re-interpreting the law, rather than violating it: 
  "The federal policy change is significant because until now the administration has stressed that the only place to get taxpayer-subsidized insurance under President Barack Obama’s health law is through the new online markets, called exchanges. Previously, people who bought outside the marketplace were not eligible for subsidies, although they benefit from consumer protections in the law." ...