Friday, April 4, 2014

Benefit Clips, Friday April 4th: Cutting EE Hours Exposes Employers to Suits; Employer Mandate on Thin Ice; Disgraceful Gov't Waste

How capping employees’ weekly hours in order to reduce Obamacare exposure puts employers at risk of an ERISA suit.

18 Democrats join House GOP, SHRM & Teamsters on a bill to change PPACA's definition of full-time to 40 hours a week instead of 30 hours. This would gut the employer mandate.  One way or another, I think the Administration will gut or decline to enforce the employer mandate (again).  I predicted that in July here. Former White House Spokesman and ACA supporter Robert Gibbs predicted it this week here.  

A government agency established in 1992 as part of HHS gets $3.6 billion a year to treat the most needy amongst us with mental illness.  How are they doing that?  Partly by hiring highly controversial groups that claim there is no such thing as mental illness.