Friday, April 25, 2014

On Armstrong and Getty 4/25/14 Re: HHS' Disingenuous Assessment of Medical Inflation & More

I spent a little time this morning with Joe Getty and the rest of the A&G crew minus Jack (who was out today) discussing:
  • The disingenuous manipulation of healthcare inflation statistics by Health and Human Services causing billions more in eventual insurer risk transfer payments to fall on taxpayers; 
  • Why doctors are increasingly instructed not to discuss any ongoing or current ailments in physicals; 
  • Whether O'care really can be repealed; and 
  • How many Californians will actually stay enrolled in the state Exchange.  
Todays' Visit:

Here is the now defunct Oregon Obamacare Exchange commercial referenced.  R.I.P to the "long lived" Oregon State Exchange:

To listen to the entire hour of the Armstrong and Getty Show:  

For more reading on some of these topics, see: