Saturday, September 27, 2014

Obamacare's Economic Lesson to Hospitals: Cut Charity Care and Take More Emergency Room Visits

John R Graham has summarized a particularly perverse side-effect of Obamacare: hospitals are cutting charity care while encouraging greater use of the emergency room.  Remember when we were told that the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act would encourage exactly the opposite?  Well it is not.  It is making this problem worse and it is doing so nationwide. 

Now that millions more have an insurance card, they are not dissuaded from using the emergency room.  In fact, they prefer it because waiting four to eight hours is much better that four to eight weeks.  Some medical groups are now even taking emergency room appointments. 

Meanwhile, the most unwelcome are those who still don't have coverage. Obamacare led to a reduction in federal charity care support.  The result is a disaster for the provision of affordable, quality healthcare.  

Head over to the NCPA and see John's post.