Thursday, September 11, 2014

PPACA's Impact on the U.S. Workweek

This is from Jed Graham at Investor's Business Daily:
... Bureau of Labor Statistics data show the average workweek among providers of home care for the elderly and disabled has shrunk to a record low 26.9 hours for non-supervisors, down from 28 hours in December 2012.
Among all private industries where pay averages about $14.50 or less for 30 million rank-and-file workers, the workweek has shrunk to 27.3 hours, undercutting the prior record low at the depth of the recession, an IBD analysis has found.
In the 19 months through June, these private low-wage industries added, on net, 972,000 non-supervisors clocking just 17.7 hours a week.
Meanwhile, the number of workers clocking 31 to 34 hours per week — just above ObamaCare's threshold — has sunk to a record low relative to the ranks clocking just below 30 hours, Current Population Survey data show.
In short, something is seriously depressing the work hours of modest earners and all the evidence points to ObamaCare as an important factor. ...