Saturday, July 25, 2015

32% of People Aged 25-54 in the U.S. Are Not Working Full-Time

Mike "Mish" Shedlock set forth an outstanding analysis of this trend in the increase of our under employed.  The full post is absolutely worth a read. 

From Mish's Global Economic Trend Analysis:
Key Dates and Percentages of People Aged 25-54 Not Working Full-Time
  • 32.08% in June 2015
  • 28.57% in November 2007
  • 26.88% in April 2000
  • 28.49% in June 1990 
The all-time low in this series is 26.88% in April of 2000. That coincides with peak entry of women in the work force coupled with the top of the internet boom.

The pre-recession levels in 2007 and 1990 were around 28.5%. If one uses 28.5% as a measure of normalcy, then in percentage terms we are still about 3.58 percentage points too low in fulltime employment. 
If one uses the record low 26.88% as a target, then we are about 5.2 percentage points lower in fulltime employment than we should be.