Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Employee Medical Premium Contributions and Pay in 2015, U.S. DOL Survey Data

Average Employer Contributions for Medical Insurance Premiums in 2015:
  • Private nonunion for single coverage: 77%
  • Private nonunion for family coverage: 65%
  • Private union for single coverage: 87%
  • Private union for family coverage: 84%
  • State or local government for single coverage: 87%
  • State or local government for family coverage: 71%
Median Hourly Wage:
  • Private industry workers: $17.40 per hour
  • State and local government workers: $23.76 per hour
Sample size: Data for the March 2015 reference period were collected from a probability sample of about 8,600 establishments in private industry and approximately 1,500 establishments in state and local government.